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07 - 23 November 2017, 9:00am - 8:00pm
Art Centre
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LIMITLESS; a new series of paintings by Areej Rajab.


This exhibition represents Rajab’s newest works and explores the subtle character of colour as well as the fleeting nature of light. Ultimately, her work challenges our preconceptions of colour itself. Rajab’s Limitless offers both an advancement and refinement of her work to date.


Investigating perceptual colour and formal systems inherent in the painting process, Rajab creates works with radiant surfaces that optically oscillate, shift, and glimmer. This luminosity invites close inspection, which reveals that each painting's visually seamless surface is actually an intimate grouping of countless strokes of oil on canvas. Rigorously painted and worked wet into wet, layer upon layer, Rajab’s technique results in complex and shifting colour transitions before resolving into a continuous skin across each canvas.


For Limitless, Rajab focuses on complementary colours and vertiginous perspectives as she searches for varying tonal experiences within the set boundaries of the canvas. Drawing upon dominating yet opposing colours, Rajab explores the visual force offered by balance with an abstracted landscape.


Limitless represents the development of finite perceptual colour systems that identify each individual painting with limitless and unpredictable variations