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Gilgamesh Legend Workshop

15 February 2018, 05:00pm
Bahrain National Museum
Free Admission
Minimum age
8 - 11 Years old
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"Where is the land of immortality, where is the flower of immortality, the land where the sun does not know?" These are the words of King Gilgamesh, who came to the land of Bahrain to search for the flower of immortality in the age of the Dilmun civilization thousands of years ago. Legends that have spread in the past that this flower can give to those who receive eternal life.

At the "Gilgamesh Legend" workshop, children aged 8 to 15 years will have a tour at the Dilmun Hall, which includes many important archaeological finds that give us an idea of the secrets of the Dilmun civilization and the traditions of the local population in Bahrain in the fields of economy, society and culture. After the tour in the hall, the children will make their own "Gilgamesh" character and then tell the story of the king in the puppet theater specially made for this occasion.