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The 13th Spring of Culture Festival

February – April 2018
Different Locations
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The 13th edition of the Spring of Culture Festival brings with it a treasure trove of surprises that cover the different interests and tastes of the culture and art audience. Hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain’s numerous cultural institutions, historical sites and landmarks, the festival’s wide variety of events, programs and activities continue to build bridges of cultural communication between Bahrain and the rest of the whole world.

This year’s edition of the festival is part of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities’ celebration of Muharraq, the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2018, in which it highlights the deep-rooted heritage and traditions of this ancient city, particularly the history of pearl diving, a glorious history whose details are revealed by the Pearling Trail, Bahrain’s second site to be inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site.

The festival kicks off in conjunction with Arab Tourism Day, an initiative which was adopted when Manama was the 2013 Capital of Arab Tourism to mark the anniversary of the birth of the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta.