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Everything Else She Is a visual definition of what it means to be a successful Bahraini woman

Open Call for Photography Participation( professional, amateur, and all who are passionate about photography).


Coinciding with Bahraini Women’s’ Day Celebrations, the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities will be hosting a photography exhibition honoring the women of Bahrain.


This year, the Supreme Council for Women seeks to honor women who have achieved success through higher learning. Bahraini Women's Day is a celebration to commemorate the achievements and creative contribution made by women to the development and progress of Bahrain. It highlights the important role played by women in both the public life and private life. In this exhibition, we seek to explore the different natures and definitions of success.


Applicants can submit up to four portrait photographs on the theme of women. The artwork should deal with the following questions. Who is this person to you? What makes them happy? What are her successes in life? How do they embody womanhood? Or how does this person contribute to bettering other women?


Each photograph should be 50x50cm. The photographs can be self portraits, colored or greyscale. They may contain one woman or multiple woman; they may even contain men who have helped women. The applicant must also submit an art statement answering either all of the previous questions or focusing on just a few.


Once the selection is made, participants will be asked to print the artwork.
For inquiries please email us at
The deadline for submissions is 1st of November 2019

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