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Bench in Muharraq

Designing a bench that would be placed in the park, in public spaces or on the sides of the road was a proposal by Studio 244 since its opening.


Meeting its goals of making culture accessible to all and promoting art and design, Studio 244 encourages its audience to be part of this annual callout and engage in designing their city. Targeting designers, architects and artists, we aim to encourage our audience to present their thoughts and ideas and share proposals for designing a public bench. We also aim to engage the participants with the dynamics of the city, having them not only design the public bench but also choose a proposed location on the Pearling Path and taking into considering people/place interaction.


As of 2012, “Pearling, Testimony of an Island Economy” has become the second World Heritage Site of the Kingdom of Bahrain as the testimony of its millennia-old pearl collecting tradition and the globally significant single-product island economy and social system it produced.


The bench should consider the following: Form, Function, Location, and Sustainability.


Please include the specific location on the Pearling Path of where the bench should be. For more information on the Pearling Path please follow the link below


For inquiries please email us at
The deadline for submissions is 15th of January 2021 at 11:59PM

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