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Participate in Nakhool’s Tent 2018 activities

The Bahrain Authority For Culture & Antiquities celebrates the summer season in its own special way, The annual Bahrain Summer Festival, which runs for a whole two months where The "Nakhool Tent" is opened to welcome all the families in one location that includes many cultural events and entertainment programs offering knowledge in an enjoyable template.

Educational workshops are considered of the most important events at the Nakhool tent. By attracting children and imitating their curiosity in learning new things, especially handicrafts, arts, music, technology, culinary arts, etc, the Bahrain Summer Festival achieves a big part of its objectives.


Nakhool tent 2018, located near the Arad Fort, in a year dedicated by the Culture Authority to celebrate Muharraq Capital of Islamic Culture, the festival highlights the human heritage and recounts stories passed on this land in a unique and distinctive way for all the children and families.

The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) invites individuals and entities specialized in children's education in the fields of arts, culture, theater, music, science and technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain to join the team of workshops conductors at Nakhool tent during Bahrain Summer Festival 2018. Targeting children ages 4 to 15 Years.


Please note that BACA will receive requests until the 12th of May 2018 through the following link, the applicants must attach a CV including all the qualifications and experience, a proposal of the workshop, in addition to photos documenting any previous workshops.


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