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04 December 2011 The Ministry of Culture organizes a workshop On behavioral skills to boost employees self confidence

The Culture Ministry's training workshop on "behavioral skills to boost self-confidence" organized by the Human & Financial Resources Directorate has just come to an end. In fact, twenty-five employees have participated in this workshop held at the Novotel Al Dana Hotel during the period 29 Nov-1 Dec 2011 under the supervision of the training consultant, the world-renowned, Prof. Mona Al-Zayed. The workshop explored three main themes; the human behviour of the self-confident personality, the significance of self-confidence in deciphering psychology's dark sides, determination of conscience and subconscious levels of communication, which would point out the positive or negative  consequences of communication channels. The third theme dealt with the human brain and learning self control and the consequences of this control and different reactions.

Training workshop consultant, Mona Al-Zayed argued that one of best methods to ease and model behavioral skills is self-relaxing. In deed, if we calm down any nervous internal dialogue, we will be able to reach stability externally and with relations to others. These consequences of human behavior have repercussions on the employee's productivity and creativity.

She added that different points of view and expressing multiple ideas is a healthy phenomenon and not negative at all; the conflicts and lack of communication will not help in building bridges of closeness and will not contribute to the glory of Bahrain. Thus, we should concentrate on the individual's psychology. Mrs. Al –Zayed said that "meditation exercises, readiness and notions of knitting relationship with the other, are all important matters that should take into consideration issues such as,  public good for the benefit of all, conflict of values, Accepting others as they are without judgment is the best way to find peace and harmony in life".

Al-Zayed pointed out that the position of the Ministry of culture is strategic in dealing with pioneering figures in Bahrain; this work shop will help the employees to learn how to deal with other people within the framework of human behavior and control mechanisms and help them how to decipher others' reactions.

At the end of the workshop session, successful participants were handed certificates by Dr. Abdullah Al Sulaiti, Director of Archaeology & Heritage Directorate, and Consultant Mona Al-Zayed.

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