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07 December 2011 Bahrain's Architectural Exhibition, "reclaim", celebrates marine architecture heritage in Shenzhen Biennale, Hong Kong

Urban experience accompanied by photo and sound exhibition unveiling the transformations in the relationship of the individuals with their marine environment

In an effort to reveal the wonderful heritage treasures of sailors and share the experience of naval life memories in Bahrain with the whole world, the Ministry of Culture, represented by H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa, participated at Shenzhen Biennale in  Hong Kong. The successful participation of "Reclaim" exhibition wing in this prestigious Hong Kong biennale left a good impression given the world-renowned reputation of the beautifully constructed visual screening of the sailors' life and history of pearl diving in Bahrain. The kingdom of Bahrain has been awarded the golden lion for the best national participation at the 12th Venice architecture biennale in August, 2010.

H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa, Minister of Culture, praised the extraordinary success of Bahrain's Architectural Exhibition," reclaim" throughout the whole world, starting with winning the prestigious prize in Venice Biennale and the multiple invitation to participate in many world cities.  H.E asserted that by searching deep inside our cultural heritage, we attracted the world's attention to our Bahraini civilization and we have succeeded in anchoring the genuine traditional culture of centuries of openness and diversity.

Bahrain pavilion, 'reclaim', is a vivid beautiful experience, which comprises a multidimensional, sensory depiction of an earlier, more integrated, and slower Bahrain. It consists of three fishing platforms – the informal waterfront structures that used to line the sea and served as lively social spaces before the real estate boom of recent decades reconfigured the city’s shore. The project tries to depict the abstract reality of marine life and the historical accumulation, through the accompanied photography exhibition of Camille Zakharia. His portfolio, “A Coastal Promenade,” illustrates the variety of the coastal landscape, ranging from the more somber themes of the ecological effects of land reclamation to a lighter mood where people use the coastline in imaginative and funny ways. The exhibition tries to recall the voice singing memories of sailors interviewed by Bahraini director Mohammed Bu Ali. The project is curated by architect Noura Al-Sayeh, Head of Architectural Affairs at the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with Bahrain University.

“Reclaim,” exhibition has succeeded in immortalizing the glorious past of a human heritage, deeply anchored in the Bahraini civilization; after being guest in many world cities, and wining the Kingdom of Bahrain’s first ever La Biennale di Venezia 2010, the exhibition was invited to Copenhagen " INDEX' exhibition last September, where it was selected among 30 experiences out of 966 to win the award. The exhibition is an investigation into the transformations of the Bahraini society, relationship with the marine environment and the profound changes the Bahraini society has undergone, resulting in a new urban texture and reshaping of relationships with the external landscape.

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