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14 December 2011 Enkiru Club celebrates National Day holiday with the Center for Rehabilitation

In celebration of the Bahrain's 40th National Day to mark the 12th Anniversary of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's Accession to the Throne, Bahrain Fort's Museum Site "Enkiru Children's Club" celebrates this event by hosting the Center for Rehabilitation. During three days 'celebrations, the children expressed their joy, demonstrated their creativity and showed their patriotism. In addition, the workshop organized by the Club highlighted the creativity of these gifted children through the depiction of the traditional Bahraini heritage and arts.

Dr. Nadine Boksmati, Bahrain Fort site museum director said that the Enkiru Club cares about society and social communication through these children's events aimed to raise awareness about the importance of museums and archaeology. She added that hosting special needs children this year is another confirmation of the Club's main objectives.

In this regard, Academic Rehabilitation Supervisor of the Center, Mrs Samira Sayed Hashim said that "this is the first time that we participate in Enkuru's Club programme of festivities; they welcomed us wholeheartedly and were pleased with children's skills, ranging from painting of coins, notes, clothes, gold designs". She added that "Despite the age difference, these children proved that their gifts and creativity in painting and design have no limits". She went saying that "this is a good opportunity to show our sense belonging to this land and our love to our country".   

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