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18 December 2011 H.E Shaikha Mai attends the Islamic Culture Minister's Conference In Algeria; Promoting Manama as the Capital of Arab Culture continues

In an effort to improve the cultural role and in response to the need to set intellectual rules and anchor Arab common achievements, H.E. Shaikha Mai Mohammed Al-Khalifa, Minister of Culture, attended this morning the 7th Islamic Conference of Culture & Information Ministers held in Algiers, Algerian capital.  During the meeting, Arab Culture & Information Ministers discussed inter-cultural dialogue and empowering youth to interact more in the culture of dialogue. The conference also dealt with  a recommendation on a declaration, identifying the roles of the civil society in enhancing dialogue and world peace, and a draft programme aimed at improving the tainted image of Islam in Western media were also on the table.

The ministers of culture also discussed during this conference, different visions and objective intercourse regarding the cultural and intellectual affairs, and the reactions of local communities in this regard. Moreover, the 7th Conference dealt with the best ways and means to enhance the cultural landscape as a conscious dialogue between all segments of societies, and how far the Islamic traditions could provide a set of powerful political precepts and practices with universal implications, making important contributions to an integrated civilized world order that affirms the unique value of all cultural traditions.

During this Conference, Arab Ministers of Culture stressed the importance of reaching a final clear vision and a cultural strategy applicable in the Islamic world, together with many intellectual and knowledge-based subjects concerning Islam and the how to contribute in its glory taking into consideration the latest world developments. The Ministers stressed the necessity to effectively coordinate efforts designed to bring to fruit projects for dialogue of religions and cultures, and ensure complementarities between the Initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and other similar initiatives aimed at dialogue among the followers of religions and cultures, mutual acquaintance and alliance of civilizations, following the methodical frames and practical measures outlined in the document and its future endeavor.
During the participation of H.E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa  at the 7th Islamic Conference of Culture & Information Ministers,  held in Algiers, the Ministry used a stand to promote "Manama, the Capital of Arab Culture" for 2012, as part of its promotion plan adopted by the ministry during the last period. The special wing highlighted the most important factors, reactants and intellectual dialogue to be launched by the Bahraini capital, Manama, next year in various areas of culture through twelve intellectually different pillars, each one reflecting the shapes and cultural incarnations of the theme formation, architecture and heritage, museums, music, thought, the environment and the nation. The Bahraini wing in this Islamic Ministers of Culture meeting exhibited the most important cultural events to be organized next year, such as lectures, translated books, and a set of conferences and art exhibitions as well as hosting many cultural figures, local, Arab and international intellectuals. Moreover, world literary works and books will be translated into Arabic for the first time at the rate of one book each month dealing with a particular topic, ending the year with publications of translations of international works into the Arabic language.

Her Excellency the Minister stressed the importance of actors Alharkh by all Arab states in the cultural landscape of Bahrain at the same time stressing the importance of creating cultural infrastructure in the Arab cultural movement and paving it in Western circles. This wing has been a significant reaction and vital participant in the conference and those concerned with the cultural and intellectual of the region.

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