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29 October 2011 Manama, Capital of Arab Culture, 2012: a whole year celebrating cultures exchange between peoples The Minister of Culture: this is an exceptional cultural event to be added to other achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Kingdom of Bahrain- Ministry of Culture- Bahrain National Museum, 29 October 2011

The Ministry of Culture announced in a press conference held this morning its program of events to be organized in celebration of Manama, Capital of Arab Culture, 2012, starting from the 1st January next year. The Ministry will celebrate the whole year with diverse events, art, culture and heritage activities, which reflect the real meanings of love, right to be different, cultural exchange and mutual knowledge sharing between all the civilizations of the world. The proposed themes are multiple and diverse; every month, lights will be shed on a particular theme in one of the cultural subjects.  In addition, Bahrain will invite intellectual personalities specialized in cultural affairs from all over the world.

H. E Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa added that the nomination of Manama as Capital of Arab Culture comes as a result of hard work and strenuous efforts during many years of numerous players, who believed and strongly defended the preservation of cultural and scientific heritage of the country. Those who tried to explore new paths and anchor the mentality of cultural exchange other civilizations of the world, and to preserve the national identity. H.E Shaikha Mai asserted that "this is an exceptional event to be added not only to the other achievements of the Ministry of Culture, but the other social components of the Bahraini society. This great tribute which our country deserves is another confirmation of its leading role in culture and knowledge in this part of the world, and that the successive civilizations through its history have firmly anchored the position of Bahrain as a cultural lighthouse".  She pointed out that this nomination is an opportunity to expand our openness and enhance cultural exchange.

Therefore, the Ministry of Culture aims, through its programs and plans, to provide its cultural data and its historical heritage in a different interactive relationship with other cultures of the world. The year of culture will be based on twelve pillars; formation, architecture, design, heritage, museums, poetry, intellectual, translations, music, environment, theatre and a country. Every theme will include a series of events and activities animated by world- renowned intellectuals and specialists, who will discuss all these issues in meetings, forums, conferences, workshops and different art exhibitions. In addition, a number of translated books and biographies of famous Bahraini and international intellectuals will be presented every month, not to mention a series of exhibitions and activities attracting people from all social classes.

It is worth mentioning also that the Ministry of Culture has always been keen to the continuity of its cultural festivities and annual events, such as Bahrain's Annual Art Exhibition, Spring of Culture Festival, Bahrain's International Book show, Heritage festival, Bahrain Book Award, Mohammed Al Banki Cultural Personality of the Year Award, Bahrain Summer festival, T'a Al-Shabab and Bahrain International Music Festival.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture will start 2012, the same year Manama will be celebrated as the Capital of Arab Culture, with the inauguration of many mega construction and cultural projects. These range from a number of museum exhibitions, restoration and rehabilitation of historical houses and archeological sites, in order to pave the way for a strong and safe infrastructure, which would ultimately preserve the cultural heritage of our beloved country. Once this challenge is overcome, we can then form a common Arab cultural base, as indicated in the pioneering work group of the first project for an Arab Culture Capital in 1996. As to the mega projects, we can mention the inauguration of the National Museum, development of BabAl- Bahrain, Rehabilitation of Bahrain Hotel, inauguration of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage, Al-Sout Museum, restoration of Suq Al-Qaysaria, Al-Khalifia library, Khamees Mosque Visitor Centre, museum exhibitions by Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifia, museum exhibitions in Al-Rifaa Fort, Waving Factory in Bani Jamra and Tree of Life Visitor Centre.

Manama as the Arab Capital of Culture is an initiative taken by the Arab Culture Ministers during a meeting in Yemen 2004.

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