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03 April 2012 Bahrain International Book Fair hosts En evening of literature honoring Tunisian guest

The 15th Bahrain International Bookfair, organized by the Ministry of Culture, hosted an evening of literature for the guest of honor, Tunisia. The event was   attended by a number of Tunisians novelists and intellectuals.


The evening of literature was coordinated and managed by Bahraini poet Dr. Nabeela Zibari, who presented the Tunisians novelists and storytellers participating in the evening of literature, such as Mr. Mohamed Ayat  Mihoub, Professor of Narrative Literature at the University of Tunis, and Mr. Mohamed Al Jabeli, a writer, professor and  researcher and Mr. Lasaad Ben Hacine, who is a writer and  a media figure


 In his speech, Professor Mohamed Ayat  Mihoub reviewed the first beginnings of creative narrative literature in Tunisia, starting with writers such as, Abu Al Qassem Al Shabi, Mostapha Kharayef, Ali Al Douaji, whose experience coincided with  the beginning of the press in Tunisia. Thus, they used to publish their stories in the newspapers and magazines. He added that the most attractive thing in these first writings was its focus and emphasis on the theme of freedom in its various forms, whether political, by colonial resistance, or social by the incitement to women’s advancement and the struggle against backwardness and ignorance, or literary by trying to tread on new literary grounds. 



In his intervention, Professor Mohamed Al Jabeli,  spoke  about the modern Tunisian narrative style, explaining that the development of narrative writings in Tunisia started by taking account of the literary issues related to historical and civilization questions. This issue, he explained was related to the conflict between criticism and history in Tunisian novel, as well as the Arabic novel history, where some critics started from late beginnings of novels in Tunis, Egypt and the Middle East. He considered it as the beginning of the novel history where a large number of advanced texts were ignored as it did not fit with the novel writing art as perceived in the Western literature.  Thus, where some critics believed that it started in the West,  those writings and  literary texts, which were abandoned, were believed to be  the real beginning of the Arabic and Tunisian narrative literature.



Professor Al-Jabeli, added that the critical question raising a civilization issue, was whether we have to look deep into ourselves with our own eyes or through the eyes of West critics.  the Tunisian novel writing history    developed by going back to the roots anchored by pioneer novelists, such Ali Al Douaji and Mahmoud Al Masri Texts. Afterwards, the novel writing techniques were divided into main styles;    Structural self-guided style, where poetry was the main theme and the basic tool for language protection, and social realistic style, harmonizing with the mainstream actual and modern times civilizations, with all the political, social and psychological dimensions.    


Mr. Lasaad Ben Hacine, presented  in his speech paper  his own creative experience in writing, saying that   " I don't want to scare if I tell you that I have always been a cigarette smoker, an addicted may be; I would smoke  light foreign cigarettes in the morning and heavy local ones in the evening, and since I adore Italian mafia movies, and I had a great ambition in my childhood to be the head of a  mafia gang,  I smoke cigars" He went on to add  "In the mid-eighties my health had deteriorated,  so I went to see the doctor, who was a cheerful young man, and he told me “Your heart  is at risk ! Try to imagine that you have an orange light lit in front of your body now turning into red!  I know that you will not stop, but try to find something to practice in order to reduce carbon monoxide and tar in your body". Speaking about his the narrative of his experience, He added saying: “I'm not a fan of sport uniforms or jogging, I have tried to do some exercises and reduce smoking proportions,  but  in vain. After some long days and weeks,  I decided to write a letter to my mother, it was a long letter  indeed, I took three hours to write in fact,  a long letter was because I missed her too much, Then, after I finished writing it,  I was affected to a large extent, searched for my pack of cigarettes and I could not find anyone , I was just like any scholar from ancient times who accidentally discovered a new important scientific theory, I felt great and decided to become a writer so After twenty years of writing, my texts are scare and  few and my health deteriorating".

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