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05 April 2012 Jody Sperling's esque fantasia of swirling mesmerizing performance at The Cultural Hall She teaches students how to travel into time and space by silky uplifting dances

Bahrain's biggest cultural festival will come to an end this month with 10 thrilling performances, arts exhibitions and literary shows. The Seventh Spring of Culture features a rich and diverse programme with more than 35 events, over one-third of which are geared for family entertainment. Jody Sperling time lapse Dance, will perform this evening for audience above 8 years old at 8pm, Cultural Hall next to Bahrain National Museum. The two-month festival is being held under the slogan "Embrace the Experience" and coincides with Manama being named Capital of Arab Culture for 2012. Free entry for tonight show but limited seating.


Jody Sperling presents mesmerizing fabric-and-light dance spectacles after the style of Loie Fuller. One her era's most influential performing artists, Fuller created a unique art form by swirling her silk costumes into moving sculptural forms and illuminating these forms brilliantly. In celebration of Fuller's 150th birthday, the company offers a program of works honoring her legacy with both reverence and experimentation. Internationally-acclaimed as the leading Fuller re-interpreter, Artistic Director Jody Sperling revivifies Fuller's spirit with brio. Jody Sperling re-creates the sumptuous imagery of Fuller's dance. She also draws on the artful physicality and naïve exhibitionism that made its way into circuses, variety shows, and early films. The entire evening will look surprisingly postmodern, not like a dusty historical souvenir at all. Sperling pays tribute to Fuller, who is pioneer of modern dance who became celebrated for her own ways of making moving air visible by wearing costumes that swirled about her body as she progressed across the stage, creating fantastic changing shapes.



Moving air will take on three dimensions and dance in Jody Sperling's Turbulence. The new work for six women from her company, JODY SPERLING/TIME LAPSE DANCE, is derived in part from patterns of air disturbance that Ms. Sperling will solidify into choreography filled with spirals, ripples and waves. The shifting rhythms of the commissioned score by Quentin Chiappetta, to be played live by the pianist Geoffrey Middleton, will also contribute to the sense of turbulence. The pianist has been a member of the group since 2000 working on performance and recording music for Sperling. Costumes and dresses were designed and coordinated by accessories designer Michelle Firanti, while David Viry , will mastermind the  lighting design.


It is worth mentioning that Jody Sperling – Time Lapse Dance Co, had already done some other shows; the American dance group has performed shows dedicated to children aged five and above ( Tuesday afternoon),  at the Cultural Hall between 5pm and 6pm as part of a series of workshops taking place alongside Spring of Culture. Sperling's six women dancers premiered Turbulence, a Loie Fuller-esque fantasia of swirling, undulating robes of frothy white silk, depicting dynamic currents of air. Assisted by long wands sewn into the rippling fabric, the dancers conjured billows, gusts and whirlwinds, tightly timed and coordinated patterns of hypnotic complexity.

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