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05 April 2012 Famous French TV channel France3 presents a Special Documentary Program on Bahraini History and civilization

As the world media coverage focuses on Kingdom of Bahrain, famous French TV program “ Le Grand Tour” has produced a special documentary on the cultural movements, the ancient monuments and treasures that reflect the deep history of Bahrain’s Civilisation. Most of the scenes were filmed in archaeological sites in Bahrain, such as Qala’at al-Bahrain, Aali Burial Mounds and Barabar Temple. The French TV program was capable of producing truly outstanding images on a  highly technical level, which will be broadcasted Wednesday at 8:35 pm Paris time by France 3 TV. The channel is estimated to have up to roughly 5 million viewers around the world and the documentary is expected to be broadcasted by TV5 Channel. Famous French presenter, Patric de Carolis, who has visited Bahrain many times to shoot and produce this program in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, will comment and present this outstanding documentary program.

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