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09 April 2012 Susana Bacca

The ambassador of rhythm, the Peruvian Minister of Culture Susana Baca, gave an outstanding performance yesterday as she sang in one of the events of the Spring of Culture Festival, in its seventh edition, and Manama the Capital of Arab Culture 2012. For decades, Grammy awarded singer Susana Baca has represented Peruvian music to the world, with an artistic approach that makes it totally modern.
From her beginnings, growing up in a servant's alley in Lima to her current status as an internationally - known diva of song, it's been an inspiring
and unlikely journey. She is also a symbol and a milestone in the African Peruvian music, and in reviving it. Her songs are poetic (with lyrics composed by some of Latin America's premier poets, with whom she collaborates), rich with evocative imagery, and her voice is delicate yet soulful. She has an elegant and engaging stage presence, gliding gracefully about the stage while singing. Her delivery is so deeply felt and emotion-filled as to project a spiritual character, even in songs that are not expressly religious in subject matter.


In July 2011, she was appointed as the Minister of Culture in Peru, to be the second African Peruvian woman in the history of Peru since independence. In November 2011, she was elected President of the Cultural Committee in the Organization of American States for the session 2011-2013.



Baca grew up in a coastal fishing village Chorrillos, a district of the Lima Province of Peru, and part of greater Lima. Her music is a mixture of traditional and contemporary. Her backing band features indigenous Peruvian instruments such as the cajón ("wooden box", whose origins lie in an upturned fruit crate), udu (clay pot), and quijada (jawbone of a burro) "cheko" a dried gourd, as well as acoustic guitar and electric upright baby bass. Although many of her songs are based on traditional forms such as the landó or vals, she also incorporates elements of Cuban and Brazilian music. Her debut CD for Luaka Bop, produced by Greg Landau, brought her to the attention of World Music audiences worldwide.


Baca is an important figure in the revival of Afro-Peruvian music within Peru (see, for example, dancers from the Perú Negro troupe, as well as "Festejo" music), which, like the culture that produced it, had previously been little recognized, but which is now regarded as an important part of Peruvian culture. Baca has contributed much to its international popularity, which began in 1995 with the release of the compilation CD the Soul of Black Peru. The album, which features the Baca song "Maria Lando", was released by the Luaka Bop record label, which belongs to ex-Talking Heads frontman David Byrne.


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