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09 April 2012 H.E inspects the progress of works at Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre, lauding the efforts of the staff and announcing the allocation of two new halls for Ta'a al-Shabab

Culture Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa today inspected the progress of work on revamping Al-Jasra Handicraft Centre as part of efforts to preserve the traditional handicrafts heritage. During her, visit H.E  met craftsmen and gauged their needs, giving instructions to ensure them necessary facilities for their work to be upgraded. A vast range of indigenous handicrafts is kept alive and well at this centre. It has workshops for artisans, including mat weaving, basket making, pottery and boat building. The enthusiastic staff and craftsmen encourage visitors to take a close look at how items are made, and offer a full explanation of the technical processes involved. One highlight is watching the friendly women who come down to the centre daily to weave mats from plain and brightly-coloured dampened palm fronds. The centre also houses a number of makers of musical instruments, tanners and silk weavers.

Shaikha Mai paid tribute to Al-Jasra Handicraft Centre Chairperson Shaikha Wafa bint Saif Al-Khalifa for her efforts to promote the facility and create an adequate environment for craftsmen to innovate. She also hailed the efforts to develop Al-Jasra Handicraft Training Centre which will be used to hone the skills of youngsters in the fields of arts, ceramics, goldsmith factory and traditional perfume and gold handicraft. In the process, the project aims to challenge stereotypical views of the community regarding the significance of traditional crafts and their economic value by raising awareness about the importance of handicrafts and encouraging children to learn and practise them to develop their skills. The Handicrafts Project represents an important way of protecting traditional crafts from extinction as well as celebrating national identity and demonstrating pride in the lives of our forefathers, the Minister argued.

The minister announced that two halls would be allocated at Al-Jasra Handicraft Centre for "Ta'a Al Shabab" team to hold regular meetings and prepare their festival next September. The 3rd edition of the annual festival will be held under the patronage of the Culture Ministry.

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