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09 April 2012 As part of Manama Capital of Arab Culture 2012 programes, Renovation and revamping Bab –al-Bahrain, One of the 12-cultural infrastructure promoting projects

The Ministry of Culture started work on revamping Bab Al Bahrain monument, which is one of the most important initiatives, in the frame of Manama Capital of Arab Culture 2012. This initiative aims to point out the importance of Bab Al Bahrain as the central and model square in the Capital Manama. This programme will revive the glory of Bab Al Bahrain, and bring back its original image dating back to 1949, with some modern touches. The passage of cars will be enhanced under the arch, which was the gate of the historical Manama Souq.




The year-long programme for Manama, the Capital of Arab Culture 2012 is broken up into 12 different cultural themes according to the months of the year and is designed to foster an environment of multi-disciplinary learning with an appeal to all sectors of society. These themes started with the theme of formation, architecture, design, heritage, museums, poetry, translations, environment, music the national theatre, Al-Khalifia library and many other projects and open museums all year long. 



Undertaken by the Arab League under the auspices of the UNESCO Cultural Capitals Programme, every year a different Arab capital is awarded the opportunity to engage in a cultural dialogue with local and regional audiences. Manama was elected as the Capital of Arab Culture in a meeting of Arab ministers of culture in 2004.

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