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12 April 2012 Ministry of Culture organizes a workshop for its employees On essential Communication Skills using World DISC model

The Ministry of Culture has successfully completed a training workshop for its employees on “essential communication skills using world DISC model”. The workshop was organized by the Human & Financial Resources and attended by 22 employees between 28-29 Mars at the Elite Grande Hotel. Lecturer and one of the founding fathers of the Investment For Training and Development Institute, Mr. Sami Abdullah al-Bouaraki gave a presentation on basic skills and means of self-discovery and how to identify others through understanding and dialogue with the surrounding environment with much volatility. 

Mr. al-Bouaraki said that “understanding the psychology of others using the method DISC international is world-famous method applied on 5 million persons annually. It is a new experience for the Ministry of Culture, which involves a case study of the different personality types, such as the dominant, demanding, driving style), and the I type personality (the inspiring, influencing, impulsive style).Both of these types are active and outgoing. The D type tends to be outgoing and task-oriented, while the I type leans toward being outgoing and people-oriented. All these types exist in different work environments, whether in the private banking sector or government service.  Each of us has a unique personality that differentiates us from other people, and understanding someone’s personality gives us clues about how that person is likely to act and feel in a variety of situations. To manage effectively, it is helpful to understand the personalities of different employees. Having this knowledge is also useful for placing people into jobs and organizations. With better understanding as individuals; they can give better output at workplace also. It is easy to understand another person while playing a  an online game for example and send it to the USA or doing some fun activity rather than in the office. This is the reason why corporate offices arrange team building games for their employees. People tend to hate the conventional static lifeless workshops.”


Mr.  Sami al-Bouaraki argued that “misunderstanding is only one problem of miscommunication, and there is another problem concerning lack of communication skills because most problems can be solved through effective communication. Since our modern era is characterized by the fiercely competitive environment, which ensures that only the fittest survive, it is therefore necessary to promote one’s self effectively and in an convincing way. This can be only achieved with better communication skill and performance reviews”.

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