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08 August 2012 Ministry of Culture launches new initiative in support of Bahrain filmmakers

Mohammed Rashed Bu Ali, Bahraini director and Manager of the Gulf Cinema Nights programme, announced today the establishment of a special fund for Bahraini filmmakers in support of the burgeoning local industry and in an attempt to help young filmmakers enhance their skills and realize their ambitions. This new initiative represents one of the Ministry’s and indeed Manama, the Capital of Arab Culture’s programme of investments in local cultural infrastructure.


A jury of local and international experts in the field will oversee the selection process and provide winning entries with support funds, reaching a maximum of US $10,000 for each film project. It is hoped that this fund will enable young and new talents to surface and that a viable filmmaking industry, capable of competing with its regional and international counterparts, will grow and prosper in Bahrain.


‘This is an important new scheme, designed to encourage creativity in the field of filmmaking,’ explained Mohammed Bu Ali. ‘I’m very excited at the opportunity of seeing the winning entries and the subsequent films next year. Manama will be the Capital of Arab Tourism in 2013 and I think it will be particularly complementary to release the first products of this fund to regional and international audiences then.’


Accordingly, Bu Ali described some of the criteria in place to assess the project entries. He noted that applicants would have to hold Bahraini citizenship; scripts and music would have to be original, but that artistic permissions would have to be submitted in cases where the script or music was based on a previous work; Bahrain culture and values would have to be upheld; and the project could not have been filmed or produced in any form previously.




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