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11 August 2012 Award-winning films in exclusive screening tonight Gulf Cinema Nights puts on special show

 Tonight at 9pm in Cineco at the City Centre, Gulf Cinema Nights, the first initiative of its kind organized between the Ministry of Culture and the Gulf Film Festival, GFF, will showcase a series of award-winning films by regional directors. All six films have been widely recognized by critics and jurists of the GFF in recent years and won important awards.

 ‘We’re very pleased to be partaking in Gulf Cinema Nights within the programme of Manama, the Capital of Arab Culture 2012,’ said the Qatari filmmaker, Hafiz Ali Ali whose film Cab Driver was screened during the opening night on 9th August. ‘These diverse films are giving Bahrain audiences a special experience of both the region and its talent during the Holy month of Ramadan. Tonight’s line-up is especially exciting as it presents some of the most important work to reach regional film festivals by creative directors with great potential.’

 Beginning with the short silent film, The Power of Generations, Bahraini director, Mohammed Jassim, evokes change and modernity, encouraging viewers to question their surroundings and reflect constancy. Jassim’s debut film, The Power of Generations won the Third Prize in the Gulf Competition – Short Films at GFF 2011.

 The second film of the evening, Al Qant, is no less evocative as it reflects on children at play – their sense of reality vis-à-vis their creativity and imagination. A short silent film, it won the Second Prize in the Gulf Students’ Competition – Short Films at GFF 2009.


This is followed by Tenbak, a film from the UAE, by the well-known director, Abdulla Hassan Ahmed. The winner of the Best Young Director award from Digital Studio magazine, Ahmed, here raises questions about acceptable behaviour and racism by examining the relationship between two middle-aged friends. Tenbak won the First Prize in the Gulf Competition – Short Films at GFF 2008 and a Special Mention for its cinematography.


Another important film, which draws audiences to its protagonist and her sense of the world after the death of her husband, Bint Mariam, won the Second Prize in the Gulf Competition – Short Films at GFF 2008. Directed by Saeed Salmeen Al-Murry who was named the Best Young Film Director by Digital Studio magazine in 2007 and won the Best Emirati Filmmaker award at DIFF 2008, Bint Mariam was well received at both regional and international film festivals due to the emotional stories evoked.


Local audiences will then be treated to Saudi director, Mohammad Aldhahri’s, exceptional debut film about a street child. Shrouq/Ghroub, or Sunrise/Sunset, portrays the lives street children lead by scrutinizing a day in the life of one such child. This film won the Third Prize in the Gulf Competition – Short Films at GFF 2009.


Not to be missed, the final film of the evening is one of the most outstanding short films to be screened during Gulf Cinema Nights. Wonderland – a True Story is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Set in modern-day Kuwait, the director, Dana Al Mojil, reflects on the similarities between today’s Kuwait and the environment depicted in Alice’s Wonderland. Although it is Dana’s first film, Wonderland – a True Story won the Best Director and Special Jury Prize in the Gulf Competition – Short Films at GFF 2012.

 Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Gulf Cinema Nights, a free event, has been organized to present some of the best of old and contemporary work of regional artists, ranging from short films to features and documentaries across a period of 6 nights. All films are subtitled in English and the cinema nights are scheduled to begin at 9pm each evening. Regional filmmaking and thought will come to life for local and regional audiences who attend these special evening shows as viewers will be encouraged to examine both variances and similarities in the cultural experiences depicted.

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