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10 August 2012 Gulf Cinema Nights showcases ‘Cruel Sea’ Regional Heritage on screen at the Bahrain City Centre

The Kuwaiti classic, ‘Bas ya Bahar,’ or Cruel Sea will be screened tonight in Cineco at 9pm in the Bahrain City Centre. Part of the collaboration between the Bahrain Ministry of Culture and the Gulf Film Festival, GFF, this evening’s film is Kuwait’s first feature film and marks the beginnings of the industry in the region.

The 1972 black and white film by Khalid Al-Siddiq is a period piece, which although set in Kuwait, tells the story of the region’s pearling economy and culture through the tale of a typical family. Viewers will cast a rare glimpse tonight both at the work of one of the industry’s pioneers in the region and local folklores in the period before the discovery of oil.

The young son of a crippled pearl diver is forbidden to go to sea by his father because of a shark injury, which he wanted to prevent his son from suffering. Despite this, he manages to persuade his father to change his mind as he wants to prosper in the pearl trade for the girl he loves. While at sea, however, the girl's parents decide to marry her against her wishes to a rich, old man… A dramatic tale of love, adventure and loss, Bas ya Bahar evokes the Gulf’s relationship with the sea at a time when communities depended on it.

The opening night, on 9th August, saw the screening of a series of award winning short films by regional filmmakers while last night was reserved for a number of notable documentaries reflecting local, and sometimes controversial, experiences.

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Gulf Cinema Nights, a free event, has been organized to present some of the best of old and contemporary work of regional artists, ranging from short films to features and documentaries across a period of 6 nights. All films are subtitled in English and the cinema nights are scheduled to begin at 9pm each evening. Regional filmmaking and thought will come to life for local and regional audiences who attend these special evening shows as viewers will be encouraged to examine both variances and similarities in the cultural experiences depicted.


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