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05 January 2012 The 5th International Sculpture Symposium of Bahrain, an Arab school of Art Ali Al-Mahmeed: this open workshop, an attraction for spectators and connoisseurs

As a continuation of the drafting of the cultural accomplishment and the formulation of artistic beauty, the participating artists in Bahrain’s 5th International Sculpture Symposium are still in the process of adding their last touches and working on finding their personal sculptures and artistic works since the 19th of December in the arena adjacent to the Bahrain National Museum. This is where around 16 Arab and western artists work on modeling sculptures and where they practice art openly in addition to preparing for the participation in the “Manama, Arab Capital of Culture” for the year 2012. This forum is considered as the second event after the lecture given by Mr. James Kosh, where the sculptures and artifacts were displayed, dated on the 10th of this month, at the same time as the Opening of Bahrain’s Annual Fine Arts Exhibition and the Exhibition of the Arab Institute of Paris; “Approach of Reality and the Color of the Dream”.

The artistic and sculptural commitment, that the Arab artists engaged themselves in, chose “the woman” as their topic, with all its concerns and aspects, in an attempt to convey its structure in great artistic works that differ in the way that they express the female theme and the methods used to reflect this subject. This identity of the woman reflects the cultural and social background of each artist on a personal level according to his/her performance and techniques used in his/her expression. The following artists participated in this vital meeting: Anis Al-Ma’ani (Jordan), Mohammed Yousif (UAE), Abdulla Amin, Ali Al-Mahmeed, Fouad Al-Binfalah and Asghar Ismail (Bahrain), Mihriz Al-Loz (Tunisia), Faisal al-No’man (Saudi Arabia), Zaki Salam (Palestine), Samia Abdul Muncif (Egypt), Zaid Al-Abid (Kuwait), Salem Al-Marhoon (Oman), Ali Noori (Iraq), Ahmed Al-Subai’i (Qatar), Nasreen Saleh (Syria) and Khalid Mirghani (Sudan), in addition to one of the novice artists that chose to start his training in this open workshop.

Ali Al-Mahmeed, the Bahrain artist, explained that this symposium is an open artistic school stating: “the artistic test for these sculptors is not related to it being a grand workshop, however, it is the extent of the great response that could be named as the school, since it is the only artistic congregation in the GCC that witnessed the interaction between the different Arab environments since a decade.” He added that the Minister of Culture is keen to host a different group of artists every year with the aim of obtaining experience and exchanging techniques stating: “May be the art sculpture is not as popular as the others arts, such as performance art or the artistic and visual paintings, but this trend has its admirers and lovers; that's why this symposium open-air workshops are held to promote this art formation". Mr. Ali Al-Mahmeed argued that the idea behind this open-air sculpture workshop is to attract the greatest number of visitors and pass-byers who are invited to see themselves the performance of this art.

 In fact, sculpture artists believe that this symposium represents a good opportunity for the finest art interactions because of the different working materials, techniques, artistic methods and characteristics selected by each artist. Moreover, the different interpretations of every visitor vis-à-vis the piece of art work is a resource of inspiration for the artists themselves, and a nice dose of art enrichment reflected in the different interpretations and styles of the final art product.
 This art laboratory or the school of sculpture as seen by these artists will be open to the public, whether visitors and tourists who are invited to get acquainted with this unique experience and appreciate its artistic style. Visitors are invited to see this live workshop until 9th January, that is one day before the official opening ceremony of Bahrain's 5th Sculpture  Symposium.      

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