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05 January 2012 "Art"; first theme scene starting “Manama, Capital of Arab Culture” Open door to dynamic visions and audio-visual art passions between Arab artists

In a rare plastic recital and vast space meditation, "Manama, the Capital of Arab Culture, 2012" event starts this month with a series of art Arts, which will reflect the deeper understanding of the plastic art-making process and its abstract notions. This cultural scene will be the starting theme of Manama as Capital of Arab Culture, which will run throughout 2012. Thus, January will be consecrated to the theme of Art at its different facets in painting, sculpture, calligraphy and the cultural and artistic discourse, which will explain audio-visually this intellectual trend and the main Arab and worldwide masterpieces.

In parallel with this month's Art theme, the Ministry of Culture will soon publish a monthly news bulletin covering a particular theme every month. Main cultural news and events organized by the Ministry or those sponsored by associations and intellectual and art foundations will be available to the public through the Ministry's website

The theme of Art, which will launch the capital of Arab culture event, is founded on an artistic discourse reflecting the finished art work and vivid interactions towards a number of events organized throughout the month, such as lectures, art exhibitions, conferences and forums gathering a number of artists from different fields of Art, together with the textual production. The first event will start with an invitation addressed to Mr. James Kosh, Promotion Director at Baylor Art Foundation, who will talk about experimental art trends, the role of plastic art promotion in finding the finest standards dealing with art and the cultural interaction and transfer of art knowledge exercised by foundations through museums, exhibitions and other forms of art meetings.

The month's theme, "Art", will be inaugurated by three main periodical exhibitions gathering a selection of Bahraini and Arab world-renowned artists in a rare beautiful visual experience and high-quality art manifestation. This tri-dimension experience will shed lights on topics such as Women, the different abstract trends and the works of artists in painting and sculpture, through Bahrain Annual Arts Exhibition with a professional arbitration Committee headed by H.E artist Shaikh Rachid bin Khalifa al-Khalifa, Mr. James Kosh, from Baylor Foundation, Mr. Georges Ranunkel, Geofrey de Farncony, from Paris Modern Art Exhibition, Mrs. Salwa Mikdadi, Head of the Emirates Foundation's Arts and Culture Programme. In addition, Bahrain’s 5th International Sculpture Symposium will gather around 16 Arab artists. The following artists participated in this vital meeting: Anis Al-Ma’ani (Jordan), Mohammed Yousif (UAE), Abdulla Amin, Ali Al-Mahmeed, Fouad Al-Binfalah and Asghar Ismail (Bahrain), Mihriz Al-Loz (Tunisia), Faisal al-No’man (Saudi Arabia), Zaki Salam (Palestine), Samia Abdul Muncif (Egypt), Zaid Al-Abid (Kuwait), Salem Al-Marhoon (Oman), Ali Noori (Iraq), Ahmed Al-Subai’i (Qatar), Nasreen Saleh (Syria) and Khalid Mirghani (Sudan), in addition to one of the novice artists that chose to start his training in this open workshop. At the same time, an exhibition by the Arab Institute of Paris; “Approach of Reality and the Color of the Dream”, will be displayed reflecting the experiences of more than one hundred artists in different art interpretations from many Arab countries.
Manama as the capital of Arab culture will host a friendly country art experience on the 25th of January, through a Modern Jordan Art exhibition, displaying art works of a number of Jordanian artists joining the artistic interpretations modeled by the Royal Society of Fine Arts. The exhibition will be followed on the next day given by Princess Wajdan Ali, president of the Society of Fine Arts, who will talk about diplomacy and fine arts and the artistic role of the association. 

Participation in the 43rd Fine Arts Exhibition Bahrain Map