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09 January 2012 Manama capital of Arab culture starts laboratory art experience. Mr. James Koch: we aim to mainstream art and the involvement of everyone, and the Bahraini business has really surprised me.

The first events of "Manama capital of Arab culture" for 2012 was launched today Monday evening at six o'clock, that took a form of artistic speech where he discusses the experience of the groups in the field of creative art, where Mr. James Koch has participated in spreading and marketing the Bayeler art foundation by giving a lecture explaining about art, and the achievments of the Bayeler foundation and other art institutions that support art and culture, and that was in the presence of many people who are interested in art and culture.

Mr. Koch started his lecture by mentioning the beginning of the Bayeler foundation and how Mr. and Mrs. Bayeler started their foundation, and the simple direction that they followed in collecting the pieces of art "paintings, and sculptures" since 1987, and how they took a different direction in forming another organization in a clear strategy to allow others to participate, and later on the foundation took on, it expanded and started to organize art galleries , and exhibitions and also participate in different art work, also holding workshops, also creating different attractive pieces of art where they are hung in bus, and train stations for the public to see.

Mr. Koch cleared that Bayeler foundation aim to generalize the plastic art culture through educational workshops targeting children and teenagers, to improve their artistic skills and prepare the next generation for modern art. where he pointed out the foundations vision which is  presented by saying that we may not be able to make people to attend theh art galleries and exhibitions but we can at least spread the art in public places where it can be also appreciated even if they are only passing by in the streets or public areas. And he assured that most of art work is modern and contemporary, which is related to twenties till sixties of the last century through the work of the artists: Picasso, Monaih, van Gogh, and others.
Mr. Koch also mentioned that plastic art is not only paintings it also includes: performance arts, music, orchestra, dance, and classical art.  Bayeler foundation is trying to create a wider vision for the plastic art. And as one of jury member's Mr. Koch said:” I was surprised by the level of Bahraini artists who based their art work on modern and contemporary art, Which made the procedure harder”.

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