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06 July 2012 ‘The Missing Premises in Arab Cultural Development’ discussed in a public talk
Manama, 6th July 2012: As part of its commitment to dialogue and learning, the Ministry of Culture continues its year-long programme for Manama, the Capital of Arab Culture 2012 by hosting the Secretary General of the Arab Thought Foundation, Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim, during the month of literature – July.
The public talk, which takes place on 7th July, represents the first of this month’s dedicated events. Here, Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim will present his views in a talk entitled ‘The Missing Premises in Arab Cultural Development,’ which will take place at 7pm in the Bahrain National Museum. He is expected to review the Arab cultural experience, variations in the Arab intellectual’s thought and the changing factors in the sense of national and Arab identities.
The Secretary General of the Arab Thought Forum, Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim has occupied a number of illustrious positions ranging from the academic as a Professor of Law in both the University of Alexandria and Beirut Arab University to acting as the Executive Director of the Centre for Legal Studies and Research in Alexandria University and an appointment as the President of the Legislative Committee of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt. An international expert and consultant to the social development programme of the United Nations, he has authored over 20 different works in both Arabic and French. Similarly, his contributions in the international media have been notable and he has written hundreds of studies and articles in diverse fields including political thought, culture, human rights, language and identity and social reform in the Arab world.
The month of literature continues thereafter with a series of dedicated engagements. On 18th July, a public seminar is scheduled to take place at the Bahrain National Museum entitled ‘Issues Surrounding Arab Thought and its Challenges.’ Three Arab intellectuals will present their papers, reflecting on their understandings of the Arab condition and trends in Arab thought. From Bahrain, Dr Mohammed Jaber Ansari, will participate while Dr Hachem Saleh hails from Syria and Dr Zahida Darwiche, the Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, joins us from Lebanon.
Other important opportunities for cultural dialogue and creative exchange take place in the form of a creative writing workshop led by famed Arab novelist, Najwa Barakat. A 10-day workshop, it begins on 8th July and continues until 17th July. Open to all Bahrainis of all ages, this inspiring workshop seeks to liberate creative spirits and develop writing skills.
This is followed by al-Zine, a custom-designed workshop, which takes place across four sessions, beginning from 18th July. Held in the Bahrain National Museum, students will examine the art of publishing in order to bring their creative output to a wider audience. Led by two brilliant young artists, Anna Leanda Thackray and Leon D, students will develop their own Zines and publish their work online.
Furthermore, this month’s commitment to the translation of a book, previously unavailable to Arabic-reading audiences, sees the notable work by Michel de Certeau, ‘La Culture au pluriel,’ translated by the Moroccan writer, Mohammed Shawqi Al Zain.
The Capital of Arab Culture 2012 also celebrates the continuation of the Bahrain Summer Festival during July with exciting performances by international, regional and local artists at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre (BIECC). With a special focus on children, the Ministry of Culture’s programme at the BIECC includes puppetry development, robotics and special reading sessions in addition to art and dance workshops in Nakhool City.
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