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15 July 2012 Ta’a Al-Shabab will be launched next September with the slogan “Thinking… Manifestation… Modernization” For the first time: A Unique Cultural Corporation between the Bahraini and Moroccan youths
The Minister of Culture held a press conference this Sunday, to reveal the events of Ta’a Al-Shabab festival 2012 that will be in its fourth consecutive year this September under the slogan “Thinking… Manifestation… Modernization”.
The initiatives vary in their time spam like “We All Read”, Darayesh”, “Tashkeel”, “Technique” and “Hafawa”. Others are launched for the first time, which are: "Operalic" which combines performance with music, and "Cinema ". In addition, an intellectual cultural exchange between the Bahraini and Moroccan youths is arranged for the first time under “Dawzana’s” events.
Her Excellency the Minister of Culture Shaikha Mai bent Mohammed Al Khalifa emphasized on her proudness of the new theme of the festival, “That young generation were able over the past three years to provide a unique cultural experiences and various attempts which reach an intellectual cultural standards. Also, this summer, they get involved in drafting an aesthetics footprint in the process of cultural work in Bahrain.” She said. Indicating that, such projects train generations to experience the field of culture. In the same time, she confirmed that the festival this year in particularly is important because it is part of “Manama, the capital of Arab Culture 2012”, that has the goal to establish a wide cultural infrastructure, and the Ministry of Culture is betting on the youth and see that they are the base of the process of its cultural development, and must be prepared and adopt their expertise and talents to play an active role in the coming period.
Mrs. Randa Farouk, the Executive director of Ta’a Al-Shabab festival, indicated that the theme of festival carries the meaning of innovation and tends to give a new touch during the events provided by the initiatives. The festival is full of a condense schedule of events that address diverse cultural topics. Mrs. Farouk mentioned that the opening will be launched on the first of September in block 338 in Adliya, followed by launching the Ta’a station, in the west extension of Seef mall in the next day, and it will continue hosting all the events and activities over the month.
The activity of the youth should be noted, especially the leaders team who put the program, plans and meets on a regular basis weekly in their new headquarter located in Jasra Handicrafts Center according to the at the direction of Her Excellency the Minister, that provided this place for them to express their thoughts, works and creativity, as they do their intensive work over the past months and continuously until the end of the festival from the same headquarter.
In reference to the initiatives participating this year, "We all read" promote a culture of reading and encourages the youth to it by introducing the writer “Jubran Khalil Jubran” by a classical discussion about his book "The Prophet", Dr. Abdul Elah Belkeziz will be hosted in "The Controversy of Democracy", the Syrian writer Dr. Haifa Bitar to discuss her collection of short stories, "One loving heart is enough.", the young Egyptian writer Izzat El-Kamhawi to discuss his book "Al-Ghewaya" and emphasizing on the experience of a young Kuwaiti witter “Abdulwahab Al-Hammadi” , in his novel "Alababil Birds " to talk about the psychological  and social development of the human after the war. This year, "We all read" events are not limited to the books discussions, also two workshops will be held: the first is about the self-development run by the Bahraini coach: Loay Al-Khaja, focusing  on the book "What makes people tick" written by Susan Quilliam, and the second workshop for  the Kuwaiti trainer Dr. Sajid Alabdali "How to make reading part of your life? “. “Three sides" is a poetry night combines three types of poetry “Nabatti, Faseeh and Hadeeth”. And for the second time, a used books exhibition will be organized. Also, young writers will be supported in the "First publication" while the weekly kids reading seasons continuous with exciting stages.
In a newer and broader objectives, this year "Darayesh" will focus through its activities on revitalizing some vital spaces, aiming to refurbish them and restructure their styles to integrate with the architectural heritage of Bahrain through "To make a hope", in which, our young architects will target one of Muharraq neighborhoods to renovate it. The landscape design will take a place in the event "Green as tree" that targets one of the old gardens and enhance it to be more vibrant and attractive. "Darayesh” will discover the world and translate the architecture languages in two journeys; the first will be within the Kingdom to promote our local main tourist locations in "City tour”. The second trip will be a short one around the world civilizations through a workshop, assembling the world and visualize it in a small space to be able to grasp its architecture language and viewing the distinguished architecture of the cities by utilizing its architectural elements and how they dealt with it in different civilizations. What distinguishes the fourth version of this initiative is the interaction with the public participants, who will take a big role in events by expressing their opinions in the "Like and Dislike", where each and one of them will be an arbitrator  to  judge the official laws and rules and analyze the building codes and architectural planning in Bahrain.
In addition, Darayesh designers will play a consulting role to the people to be able to coordinate and design their homes in the event "Design your home”.
 In a story prototype, "Drayesh” will host the Spanish architect "Enrique Ervezgele" and the Egyptian architect "Waleed Shaalan," in the "Tale of Two Cities" to compare between the Arab cities and  Barcelona, ​and discuss the obstacles of changes and the new life style had its effect on the identity of the cities. For the sake of documentation, “Darayesh” will issue a book that review the architects who have influenced the movement of architecture in Bahrain.
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