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07 June 2012 The Minister of Culture ART select Exhibition

The Minister of Culture Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-khalifa opened a Fine Art exhibition for well-known artists from the Arab World, Asia and Europe. The exhibition showcases modern art masterpieces, mosaic, Arabic Calligraphy and other schools of art. The exhibition included valuable collection of wonderful modern plastic Art and Arabic script in cooperation with ART SELECT and ART SPACE who have a fine collection of well-known artist work. This is indeed the first time that the Arts Center gathers such an exhibition, after Gallery Gothiard during their tour in the Arab world.

The minister of Culture affirmed on the importance of visiting the exhibition to get a close look at the work of Bahraini and other international plastic artists. H.E pointed out saying " this a good opportunity to discover the world art through the paintings of many famous artistis, such as Maqboul Hussain, known as " Picasso of India". Meanwhile, Mona  Al-Jaberi, the coordinator of of ART Home said that " the Exhibition gathers artists from Italy, India, UAE and others; artists are classified according to their CVs and experiences locally or internationally and they should have obtained international prizes to be selected for the big award. In addition, there a consulting committees to select the best paintings, which were worth from 1000 $ 28 years ago to 18 000& today. This is what we aim to realize with such initiative". She added 

The exhibition holds 35 artworks and continues till 8th June 2012.

Participation in the 43rd Fine Arts Exhibition Bahrain Map