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05 June 2012 "We all Read" campaign organizes "The Best Book I ever Red"

We all Read Campaign organized an event titled "The Best Book I ever Red" at al Barih Café Gallery in Adliya, where many young readers gathered in order to share other reading experiences and books. The aim of this event is to spread the reading culture through public gathering, as well as developing the critical mind in people attending the workshop through literary discussion of the certain selected texts.

Participants welcomed the idea of discussing a theme or a book in a public space, giving the young readers the chance to express themselves and their ideas. The titles of the books ranged from bibliographies, such as The Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan, exciting novels, such as " Al-Karadeeb" Al-Karadeeb 1998 (title referring to a neighborhood in the city of Jeddah) by Saudi Novelist, Turki Al Hamad The late Ghazi Al-Gosaibi's latest 60-page book, Alzheimer. The exhibition showcased scientific publications and books, such as "Daily Success Stories", which reflects great success stories unknown to the world.

Many children attended the interactive learning event focusing on a "Prehistoric Animals" encyclopedia. The campaign is looking for ideas to help many children develop their reading skills in fun and practical ways.

It is worth mentioning that this event coincides with Taa Al-Shabab's preparations for 4th  Youth Festival to be held in September. 

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