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27 June 2012 Pearling: a testimony to an island economy

The heritage site is a serial site consisting of 15 maritime, seashore and urban properties identified as most vividly reflecting key social, cultural and economic aspects of the grand narrative of Bahrain's pearling activities. Together, the nominated properties represent the culmination and final expression of some 7,000 years of pearling history in the Arabian Gulf, a tradition that fostered the creation of the grand narrative of Bahrain's pearling economy.

They include vast natural pearl-producing oyster beds located in the northern Bahraini territorial waters, an authentic seashore that was the scene of the ceremonial departure and return of Bahrain's pearling fleet each year during the pearling era, a seafront fortress which for centuries safeguarded the pearling city and its fleet, and 12 historic architectural properties located in the heart of old Muharraq. Surrounded by what remains of the Arabian Gulf's pearling capital, these buildings range from family residences and reception rooms (majalis) to a family mosque, shops and storehouses, and represent the central locations and players in the pearling economy from divers, haulers, dhow captains and boat builders to folk medicine practitioners, general goods and pearl traders and grand merchants. The role and perceptions of women in the pearling economy is also paid particular attention.

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