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27 June 2012 Tylos: the Journey beyond life 3rd July-30th September 2012
Picket Hall (196), the Winter Palace, The State Hermitage Museum
St Petersburg, Russian Federation
HE Shaikha Mai will be opening an important archeological exhibition of funerary artifacts dating to the Tylos era in Bahrain in the State Hermitage, which will be open to the public from 3rd July. This important exhibition will remain in St Petersburg for local visitors until 30th September 2012 before moving to Moscow. This notable collection describes  some of the cultural facets of Bahrain in antiquity and showcases the archaeological findings which relay what we now understand about this critical period in Bahrain's ancient history.
From around the middle of the 4th century B.C., the island of Bahrain took the name Tylos and kept it until the second century A.D. It is conjectured that the wealth of the Arabian Gulf and the strategic positioning of the Bahrain archipelago during the“Tylos period” could not have escaped the interest of Alexander the Great. According to some classical sources, one of Alexander’s maritime expeditions reached the island of Bahrain which enjoyed then an exceptional phase of economic prosperity.
This exhibition aims at revealing the minutia of rituals and burial customs in Tylos in an attempt to reconstruct the episodes of the afterlife journey. The exhibit showcases around 400 objects drawn from the collection of the Bahrain National Museum and which is the result of 50 years of excavations in varied sites across the island. The showcasing of this material reveals the distinguished religious context in Tylos and underpins the grounded belief in an afterlife amongst the inhabitants. Moreover, this rich material attests to the wealth of Tylos and its multicultural society. Above all, the material reflects the multifaceted religious identity of the inhabitants at the time.
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