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  • 07.June.2012

    H.E Meets French Architects Read more

  • 07.June.2012

    The Minister of Culture ART select Exhibition Read more

  • 10.June.2012

    "We all Read" campaign organizes "The Best Book I ever Red" Read more

  • 13.June.2012

    Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa received a delegation from TUI Cruises Read more

  • 17.June.2012

    Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, Governor of the Southern Governorate Read more

  • 23.June.2012

    Shaikha Mai received Russian Ambassador Read more

  • 25.June.2012

    iPhone users access Bahrain cultural calendar Read more

  • 27.June.2012

    Bahrain participation in WHC, St Petersburg Read more

  • 27.June.2012

    Pearling: a testimony to an island economy Read more

  • 27.June.2012

    Tylos: the Journey beyond life 3rd July-30th September 2012 Read more

  • 01.July.2012

    Pearling Trail on UN World Heritage list Read more

  • 15.June.2012

    Ministry of Culture Launches Bahrain Summer Festival 2012 Read more

  • 11.June.2012

    Tickets go on sale for "Bahrain Summer 2012” Read more

  • 21.June.2012

    Record Number of Kids Flock to ‘Nakhool City’ Read more

  • 27.June.2012

    Omar Faruk Tekbilek Live Concert Creates Mystical Ambience at Read more

  • 14.June.2012

    Slava’s SNOWSHOW Enthralls Residents and Visitors at the Bahrain Summer Festival Read more

  • Participation in the 43rd Fine Arts Exhibition Bahrain Map