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26 March 2012 Ministry of Culture Honors its Staff Shaikha Mai: ISO Certificate is quality assurance recognition to all Ministry's Directorates and well-deserved for Bahrain

The Ministry of Culture has honored several employees for their outstanding and devoted services rendered the Ministry over the years. The ceremony was held to celebrate the Ministry's exceptional performance and efforts leading to ISO 9001-2008 granted by Piro Fartas. In fact, the Ministry of Culture has fulfilled all requirements, conditions and required international quality standards to obtain this first of its kind certificate, which is an  outstanding achievement long desired by the Ministry.

H.E Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed al-Khalifa, Minister of Culture, argued during the ceremony that this ISO Certificate of Excellence recognition for the outstanding performance of all the Ministry's directorates, including counselors, directors and administrators,  is something to be proud of saying that " Excellency is an essential element to create new ways and means to invest in culture". The Minister praised the efforts deployed by all the directorates of the Ministry to apply IOS standards, hoping that other departments, such as Public Relations and Tourism Sector will follow the same path to success, especially under the exceptional circumstances witnessed recently. H.E went on to add that all of our energy should be in sacrifice and services for our beloved country.

Mr. Ali Mohmmad al-Hassan, Head of Quality Assurance Department, pointed out that applying quality standards at the Ministry would inevitably lead to major achievements with regard service and performance commitment. Indeed, the Ministry has done a great deal in this regard and the total services offered are around 190 services documented so far. Thus, responsibilities and prerogatives have been shared by all employees at the Ministry , in addition to the clarification procedures and follow-up, which aim to develop and enhance the Ministry's performance.

Director of the Archeology & Heritage Directorate, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sulaiti said granting this certificate in recognition of the outstanding performance of the Ministry's staff is a clear indication that the recent collective excellent efforts deployed by the Ministry have been fruitful.

On the other hand, Public Relations' Counselor & Deputy Chairman (Public Affairs Commission), Mrs Huda Al-Alawi said " It is not surprising that  the Ministry of Culture has obtained ISO certificate ; this does not come out of the blue because since I joined the Ministry in 2006, it was like a buy bee organizing  constant and effective event. In fact, all this could not have been done without the efforts of all staff, their coordination and team-work spirit under the leadership of the Minister. We hope that we will be next department to obtain ISO certificate and satisfy all requirements."

For his part, Mr. Abdul Qader Aqeel, Arts & Culture Department Director said that " we are very happy to participate in this ceremony, attended by a selection of highly-qualified employees of the Ministry, and we thank them for their exceptional efforts, which have led to the  ISO certificate in  recognition for the achievements of the Ministry in this regard. All this of course under the supervision and direction of H.E, Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa, who is very keen on excellence in the daily administrative work, as well as the activities and events organized by the Ministry throughout the year, the quality and diversity in form, which symbolize Bahrain as a cultural destination the region of the Arabian Gulf"

Mr. Youssef BuMatea, Head of Musem Operations, argued that ISO certificate is a quantum leap in work performance, leading to produce quality work in record time.

For his part, Mr. Fouad Noor, Director of Museums' Directorate has stressed the importance of applying ISO standards in harmony with the work requirements and conditions and the need to opt for proficiency, production and systematic work methods.

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