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26 March 2012 Xinjiang Song and Dance

World-renowned Chinese Xinjiang Art Theatre Song and Dance Troupe will perform an outstanding show at the Cultural Hall this evening ( 8:00 pm). The show comes within the framework of the festivities of the Spring of Culture and in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Xinjiang Art Troupe, which is formed of Xinjiang Art Theatre Song and Dance Troupe, Xinjiang Art Theatre Folk Orchestra Troupe and Xinjiang Maqam art group, is an outstanding performing art groups in Xinjiang with unique ethnic characteristics.

Has already explored, innovated, and performed a large number of Xinjiang minority dance and music programs which both have ethnic characteristics and with the spirit of the times.

Xinjiang Art Troupe has visited more than 80 countries and regions, with more than 200 works in the international and domestic award-winning, has become a star cast regular, artistic strong group. Xinjiang Art Troupe have a large number of renowned favorite artists at home and abroad, such as Dilibar, Paxia•Yixia, Nusilaiti•Wajiding, Dilinaer•Abudulah, and Ma Yuexian.

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