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01 April 2012 In Moroccan Writers' Forum, The Minister of Culture reviews with participants the Bahraini crisis from an intellectual perspective Former Moroccan Foreign Minister, Mohammed Ben Isa: such a forum is needed to contradict biased media that has not portrayed the correct image of Bahrain Former Moroccan Minister of Information: Bahrain is a victim of fraught sectarian divide caught between powers playing out a proxy contest for regional supremacy


H. E Shaikha Mai, Minister of Culture, has attended a forum organized by Moroccan Writers' Union during a visit she made recently to Morocco,  where she  and met many government  officials  and  representatives of public interest with regard to culture.


The Minister participated at a round-table discussion organized by Morocco's Writers Union on the need to promote dialogue   since the historical phase through which Arab countries are currently passing is replete with challenges and dangers threatening the nation’s destiny, foreshadowing a possible hegemony over its will and its freedom and testing its ability to keep up with scientific and cultural progress, to utilise its resources for the benefit of its citizenry or to share with other nations in the building of a better future for mankind as a whole. The Moroccan writers and intellectuals taking part in this forum praised the efforts of H.E Shaikha Mai aimed at anchoring comprehensive culture concepts as a shield to sectarian and ethnic divides threatening Arab societies. In fact,  some widely spread media are imposing a blackout on the progressive voices in the Arab world and pushing sectarian divisions to unprecedented levels that threaten the multisecular inter-confessional peace that has reigned between Muslims, Shi’i and Sunni, on the one hand one and between Muslims and other religious groups on the other hand.



Former Moroccan Minister of Information and journalist and historian, Mohammed Arbi al-Masari praised the Minister's of Culture efforts to promote Bahrain and to correct the false image tarnished by the recent events. H.E has argued that Bahrain had its Arab Spring ten years ago, when Over 10 years ago, His Majesty the King instituted a reform process that has brought meaningful change to Bahrain. And despite assertions to the contrary, this process has never stopped. This has been reflected in cultural life of many poets, writers and playwrights. Mr. Mohammad Al Arbi Masari added that Bahrain is a victim of biased world media given its geopolitical position and its population's composition.


For her part, H. E the Minister of Culture has praised the support and understanding shown by the Moroccan cultural institutions, noting in this regard the writings of Moroccan intellectual, Mrs. Fatima al- Marnissi. H.E Shaikha had met the later writer a day before the forum was held to discuss proposals to establish a unified Arab-GCC women association or entity. The proposed association would concentrate on the cultural dialogue as foreseen by the writer in future published study on the historical role of the Arab women in pushing forward with the language of dialogue instead of clash and conflict.


For his part, Mr. Abdulrahim al-Allam, prsiedent of Morocco's Writers' Union and master of ceremonies, praised the role played by Shaikha Mai in the cultural movement in Bahrain and her constant support for Arab social and  intellectual endeavors. He added that she is known as a woman of formidable intellect and culture, who believes that contemporary Arab art will soon become part of the mainstream. She is an incarnation of success, openness and hope for the Arab women.      




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