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05 April 2012 Culture Minister Receives European Institute Director-General

Culture Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohamed Al-Khalifa received Spain-based Arab European Institute director-general and discussed exchanging expertise and openness on diverse cultures in the world to enrich human thought.

The two sides discussed the programmes and activities of the Manama Capital of Arab Culture2012.  Both sides reviewed the planned all-year long themes, which started with the theme of formation, architecture, design, heritage, museums, poetry, translations, environment, music and theatre. The Ministry shall invite every month a group of intellectuals and experts from allover the world, argued Shaikha Mai. The director general of the European Institute based in Spain praised the remarkable effots of H.E Shaikha Mai to promote culture, preserve heritage and spread tolerance, hailing the cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the European Institute in the future.

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