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09 May 2012 “We all Read” Campaign organizes a workshop on quick reading techniques.
“We all read” campaign organised a workshop on “Methodology of Quick Reading SQ3R” initiated by  a lecture given by Professor, Salah Al-Yafie at the Conference Hall at the Bahrain’s National Museum. The aim of this workshop is to stress the importance of reading in general, and the SQ3R techniques in particular.

The lecturer, Mr. Salah Al Yafie, gave a thorough historical review of reading through ages and centuries, arguing that it goes back to the Sumerian times, as well as the new modern techniques. In fact, SQ3R was first developed by researchers at Ohio State University. SQ3R is a useful technique for understanding written information. It helps you to create a good mental framework of a subject, into which you can fit the right facts. It helps you to set study goals and prompts you to use review techniques that will help you to remember.  

Mrs.Latifa Khalil, the coordinator and  organiser of this“ We All Read” Campaign, said that these workshops are at the centre of Ta’a Al Shabab interest and they aim at encouraging the youth to read and discover new inciting techniques.  

The acronym SQ3R stands for the five sequential techniques you should use to read a book: Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review.

Mr.Yafiee concluded the lecture by thanking the organisers of this campaign, wishing them the best of luck with regard to expanding this campaign  to include GCC  and other Arab countries.  
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