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09 May 2012 Aali Ancient Rocks Vandalism Condemned
The Ministry of Culture condemned and refused action to ruin by uprooting ancient rocks from A’ali archaeological mounds, describing those actions by irresponsible. Those acts represent a grave violations of the basic national rights, namely the right to preserve the Bahraini civilization's artifacts and monuments.    
H.E Shaikha Mai, the Minister of Culture said that those actions had negative effects on monuments that the ministry is trying to protect and preserve in all ways. Commenting on these sad events, she said "we strongly condemn these irresponsible acts of violence and vandalism, which do not reflect the bright image of Bahrain abroad and clearly undermines its strenuous efforts to register these sites on the World Heritage List. These acts will not help either in preserving and protecting our artifacts in order to document our history, given the history of any people is closely related to its monuments, which reflect one's civilization. While we strongly refuse these acts of vandalism, we call upon all parties to have a sense of civism and to put rather our beloved country's history into consideration".   

It is worth mentioning that A’ali Historical mounds are a main part of the nomination file that ministry of culture is working in cooperation with international experts to add on the World Heritage List.

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