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13 May 2012 H.E. Lecture in Jordan

On the sidelines of her visit to Jordan, the Minister of Culture Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa delivered, at the Royal Cultural Centre in Amman a lecture, in which she talked about the allure of Manama as the Capital of Arab Culture for the year 2012, and its role in underlining the cultural and civil value of different cultural expressions, and their social and economic revenues. Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al Khalifa, Bahrain's Culture Minister, has lined up a broad raft of programmes and events that will be held throughout next year to celebrate the designation of the Bahraini capital, Manama, as the Capital of the Arab Culture in 2012. For each pillar, prominent thinkers and experts will participate in seminars, lectures, workshops, and cultural competitions, while exhibitions and activities will be organized to attract all segments of society. These themes will start with the theme of formation, architecture, design, heritage, museums, poetry, translations, environment, music and theatre. The Ministry shall invite every month a group of intellectuals and experts from allover the world. A broad range of activities incorporating different aspects of Arab culture will take place month by month throughout the year, in addition to the forums, conferences, workshops, different cultural competitions every month with a different theme. Moreover, many international books, novels and publications will be translated into Arabic for the first time, with an average of one book every month on a designed theme, ending the year with a dozen of translated international publications.

 She gave a detailed presentation on the functions organized as part of the “Manama as Capital of Arab Culture 2012” over 12 months, and explained that each month has a theme, a major event, as well as a translated book, noting that there will be a volume containing all those books translated into Arabic by the end of the year. In addition, to the proposed programme of Manama, as the Capital of Arab Culture, Bahrain, keen as ever to attract its visitors to enjoy culture and tourism wonderful richness, will inaugurate many development and urban projects aimed at anchoring the notion of Arab cultural infrastructure; twelve projects such as the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage, the National Theatre, Al-Khamis Mosque Visitors' Centre, Bani-Jamra Weaving Factory, Tree of Life Visitors' Centre. Other restoration projects include development of Bab-al-Bahrain, the renovation of the Bahrain Hotel, Museum of Al-Sout (traditional style performer). A number museum exhibition will be held in Al-Hidaya al-Khalifia School and Riffa Fort, the purpose of which is reviving the historical relics and highlighting its crucial role in ancient times. The Ministry has also inaugurated the first phase of Al-Qaysaria Suq renovation and revamped Al-Khalifia Library, which regained its glorious enlightenment role.

Shaikha Mai confirmed that the kingdom is keen to make the "Manama as Capital of Arab Culture" a unique experience and leave its own clear print on the event through consolidating its cultural infrastructure in order to attract cultural events, visitors and tourists. Shaikha Mai also gave a detailed presentation on the events to be organized throughout the year later this year.

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