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16 May 2012 Andrew Weaver Exhibition

Embracing cultural diversity, the Capital of Arab Culture hosts Andrew Weaver's photography exhibition, titled Between Two Seas, between 13th and 17th May in the Bahrain Arts Centre, adjacent to the Bahrain National Museum. “Between Two Seas”, a spectacular new book which portrays the unique beauty and vibrant culture of modern Bahrain. The book contains over 250 amazing images, focusing on how the natural elements influence Bahrain, and how ‘Man’ has used natures resources to help develop a prosperous economy, and an invaluable place to live.

H.E Shaikha Mai expressed her appreciation for the exhibition" Between Two Seas”;   A photographic account of modern Bahrain with a wide array of images ranging from its natural wonders and heritage to man-made achievements, the exhibition reflects the unique variety of Bahrain's culture and environment. The exhibition of pictures from Andrew Weaver’s recently published book Between Two Seas which captures sunning images of modern Bahrain from the desert to the urban downtown architecture.

For his part, photographer, Andrew Weaver, praised the efforts of the Ministry fo Culture and Interior for providing enough space to exhibit his paintings. He also voiced his admiration of the Bahraini natural scenery and called for transforming it into world heruiatge for humanity and the future generations. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition  will showcase more than 100 framed photographs from the book depicting culture, landscapes, wildlife, city and lifestyle images. The exhibition was officially opened by Culture Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa and attended by ministry officials, ambassadors and VIPs.

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