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21 May 2012 Third Meeting of GCC Undersecretaries for Heritage ..

During the 3rd GCC Undersecretaries for Archaeology and Museums Conference, held at the Diplomat hotel on 21st of May, H.E Shaikha Mai bit Mohammad Al Kahlifa, Minister of Culture said that " We have to explore and understand GCC vital experiences in archaeology and excavations, we need to enhance and promote the leading role of Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH), within a framework of GGC mechanism, which aims at boosting performance and sustainable cooperation. GCC countries are at the dawn of new era of collaboration and union, a crucial step to preserve identity and specificity, in addition to advanced achievements in history and archaeology by setting communication mechanisms through regional organizations. We all aim to come out with common recommendations", she declared.  

H.E Shaikha Mai also added saying" the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH), reinforces the idea of protecting the intellectual and historical heritage by hosting archaeologists and experts in a workshops. Such strategy would spread public awareness about the importance of preserving national identity and anchor the notion of protection of GCC city characteristics. After all, we aim to restore and not destroy; we try our best to achieve excellence not to leave countries with no identities" 

Al Ghassani: Dealing with archaeological deficiencies and challenges

 GCC Assistant Secretary-General for Culture and Information Affairs Khalid bin Salem Al Ghassani said, "The meeting has dealt with many issues related to archaeology and museums, development of common work strategy and a series of programs discussed periodically as usual. The meeting was a an opportunity to review and discuss the implementation of the program recommendations, degree of its implementation, ways and means of dealing with deficiencies, concerns over archaeology and heritage in each country and coordination levels beween GCC countries in regional conference. He concluded saying" I would like to hail the efforts of the Ministry of Culture in hosting this conference, while Manama is celebrated as the Capital of Arab Culture, 2012, and the amid festivities allover Bahrain, which reflects the bright image of the intellectual and cultural scene"

Al-Doweish: We propose to organize an exhibition showcasing latest archeological findings and 100 artefacts for each country.    

Kuwait's representative to the Archaeology and Museums Conference said " We gather in this periodical conference to review and discuss our last recommendations, as part of determined projects. We propose this time to honor archaeologists in each country, a periodical prize, to one person per state, who has done exceptional filed work to be awarded by the Secretariat. We also propose a GCC archaeology news bulletin, to be inaugurated via the web, in addition to excavation works. The recent  Riyadh Conference, where the latest findings were exhibited, the GCC Museum in Fujirah, Riyadh, Qatar and its future  role in Bahrain. It is an exhibition of the latest discoveries where every country would provide 100 archaeological artifacts".

Al-Matiri: New Agenda and advanced ideas       

Hassan bin Mohammed al-Lawati, Director General of Archaeology and Museums at the Culture and Heritage Ministry said in a press conference held at the Ministry and attended by Dr. Said bin Mohammed al-Hashmi, Member of the GCC History and Archaeological Society, that the Sultanate's hosting of this forum comes in implementation of decisions taken by the GCC Heritage and Archaeology Undersecretaries in 2007.

Al-Matiri: New Agenda and Progressive Ideas

Mr. Abdullah Al-Matiri, head of the Emirati delegation said that “The meeting is a good opportunity to discuss best ways and means capable of enhancing archaeology, museums and people in charge in the GCC. It is also an opportunity to come out with a new challenging agenda, progressive ideas, which would develop a new road map for archaeology and museums. The common GCC exhibition was successful too, and honoring new faces represents an impetus for the staff, and we hope to come out with decisions and recommendations, which would satisfy our GCC states’ ambitions, as well as UAE leaders”

Al-Khalifi:  Inventing a new Prize on Archaeology and Museums’ Literature only in the GCC countries

Mr. Mohammed Jassim Al-Khalifi, head of the Qatari delegation, said that “ The Undersecretaries for heritage and museums in GCC discussed many issues, among which we mention, honoring the staff working in the field of archaeology and museums, evaluation of this event, discussions will also cover holding an honoring ceremony for people working in archaeology and museums," he said.” They are the anonymous soldiers who work effortlessly, showing their love for their history and archaeology." He also added that “ an appreciation certificate will be awarded to the hosting state, another prize from the GCC Secretariat, as well as a Honoring Shield. We also propose creating a new prize with regard to best articles’ writing in archaeology and museums solely in the GCC countries. Writers and experts in the field of restoration and archaeology will honored, in addition to common  publications and printing of books on Stone Age, Abbasids, Ottoman empire, Hellenistic and Prehistoric eras in GCC region”.

Al-Lawati: Dialogue is always constructive and friendly between Archaeology experts

Hassan bin Mohammed al-Lawati, Director General of Archaeology and Museums at the Culture and Heritage Ministry said that “Bahrain’shosting of this forum comes in implementation of decisions taken by the GCC Heritage and Archaeology Undersecretaries during their 13th Meeting. The meeting aims at evaluating the proposed agenda issues, such as honoring archaeologists in the Sixth session, evaluating archaeologist’s program and its development and continuity. It is worth mentioning that many events were organized during the last 13th  GGCC Forum  on Archeology and Museums held in Muscat, Sultanate of  Oman.

Al-Sulaiti: Future visions to develop archaeology work in GCC and fighting smuggling and trading in archaeological artifacts

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sulaiti, Director of Archaeology & Heritage Directorate, in the Ministry of Culture, Kingdom of Bahrain, said that “ we are very  proud to host this forum in Bahrain, and we looking forward to discuss the different subjects and topics of the meeting’s agenda. Some of these topics are the archaeological survey and excavations in Bahrain, last year’s excavations’ results,  Museums’ forums and conferences,  annual training workshops in culture sector and archaeologists,  archaeological experts’ guide in GCC countries, the periodical bulletin reflecting the recent achievements in archaeology, the e-data base project, supporting Archaeology Association in GCC, Ministerial Recommendations with regard to threats to Al-Aqsa Mosque and GCC Museum, the future work plan to develop GGC strategy  fighting smuggling and  illicit trafficking in archaeological artifacts”

Abou Hassan: Implementation of the recommendations reinforces GCC cooperation

Dr. Hussain Ali Abu Hussain, deputy Director General of Tourism & Antiquities Authority in Saudi Arabia said that " This is a coordinating meeting organized to discuss previous recommendations, which were approved and applied. The idea is to agree on common GCC perspectives with regard to museums. The meeting will prove a successful gathering implementing many recommendations previously agreed upon by all GCC states". 

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