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27 May 2012 Minister of Culture receives HSBC

Culture Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa today received HSBC Bank Chief Executive Officer Patrick Gallagher and discussed the issue of revitalizing Bab al- Bahrain area. The old HSBC bank premises could be soon transformed into a museum for fine artists as part of efforts to revitalize Bab Al-Bahrain. 

Work is underway to revamp Bab Al-Bahrain and ensure the iconic gate recovers its original façade which dates back to 1949. Under the same scheme, the old post office will also be turned into a museum showcasing rare postal items.
Bab Al-Bahrain police station and old Manama Suq are also undergoing a major revamp in a bid to revitalize the zone and turn it into a vibrant trade and tourism hub.

Mr. Gallagher welcomed the project which, he said, would contribute to Bab Al-Bahrain revival and revitalize the trade activities which plummeted due to expanding hypermarkets across Bahrain.

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