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27 May 2012 Enkiro Educational and Entertainment Tour Bus showcasing

The Enkiro Bus Museum is a mobile exposition based on the Tylos exhibition and designed for children aged seven to eleven years-old, which is touring Bahrain's Special Needs Centers these days in Isa Town.  The students were supervised and accompanied by the education group of Bahrain Fort's museum, who explained the Tylos exhibition and the archaeological findings dating back to 2nd century B.C and 3rd century A.D The staff also commented on video and pictures of excavations conducted in different parts of Bahrain during Tylos period, triggering critical mind and analysis thinking in child psychology and behaviour. The idea behind this exhibition is to teach these school children in a spontaneous and simplified way, to give them access to maps, discoveries, food, cosmetics, rituals and preparations for the journey beyond life in the Tylos period. Entertainment activities such brainteasers, kids crosswords, entertainment news, and Tylos world map were also organized.

In parallel with the inauguration of the exhibition "Tylos: Journey beyond Life" at the beginning of this month at the National Museum, as part of (Museums' Month) while Bahrain is celebrating Manama as the Capital of Arab Culture 2012, Enkiro Club organized an educational and entertainment tour bus to showcase Bahraini civilization. The exhibit examines the minutia of rituals and burial customs of that era in Bahrain's ancient history in an attempt to reconstruct the episodes of the afterlife journey. Due to the scarcity of settlements from the Tylos period, our understanding of the prevailing socio-cultural setting relies almost exclusively on funerary material. As such, this exhibition of funerary material will provide viewers with an exclusive insight into this culture through the observation of burial customs and rituals from 2nd century BC to 3rd century AD. The campaign started two weeks ago in many primary schools in Bahrain and will still run throughout the month.

It is worth mentioning that the educational tour bus will travel to Bahrain National Bank Center for Rehabilitating Children with Special Needs on 28th  May, celebrating International Museum Day and will run until the end of the month.

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