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11 September 2012 The right of the public to accept or to refuse " Darayesh" initiative discusses "land reclamation" with Hajriss

Ta'a al Shabab's initiative, "Drayesh"  is holding its " Like & Dislike " lecture event   on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m at Ta’a Al-Shabab Festival special pavilion at the Seef Mall. Mr. Aref Hajriss, Diyar Al; Muharraq and one employee at Ministry of Works, will be the major speakers at this lecture.   The festival's 2012 edition is being held under the slogan: “Thinking… Manifestation… Modernization”.

The topic of this lecture event is "land reclamation"; a face-to-face discussion with guests, whereby the public plays the role of the jury, by ticking "Like" for approval, or "Dislike" for refusal. The idea behind this lecture is to investigate the public opinion about the land reclamation laws in Bahrain, and the details concerning the digging and reclamation operations, their impact on sea fauna and flora.

It is worth mentioning that " Like & Dislike" initiative has made a great success during the last session discussion of the contemporary Bahrain architecture and its urban fabric.     

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