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16 September 2012 Culture Minister receives Russian Ambassador

Culture Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa today received Russian Ambassador Victor Smirnov and reviewed details of the Russian Cultural Week, which start from 17th until 21st November in Bahrain.  Both sides also expressed their keenness to promote cultural and social investments and enhance each country's deep-rooted rich cultural and civilization heritage.

They also discussed the success of the “Tylos: The Journey Beyond Life” exhibition, which attracted over 180,000 visitors in less than two months at the Hermitage Museum at Saint Petersburg, Russia. The expo showcased at the Hermitage Museum was extended by two weeks before moving to the Oriental Museum in Moscow and other museums located in other areas. The exhibition of approximately 400 artefacts from the Tylos period (between 2nd century BC and 3rd century AD) was showcased in the Bahrain National Museum for a month before travelling to the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. The exhibit examines the minutia of rituals and burial customs of that era in Bahrain's ancient history in an attempt to reconstruct the episodes of the afterlife journey. Due to the scarcity of settlements from the Tylos period, our understanding of the prevailing socio-cultural setting relies almost exclusively on funerary material. As such, this exhibition of funerary material provided viewers and visitors with an exclusive insight into this culture through the observation of burial customs and rituals from 2nd century BC to 3rd century AD in Bahrain. The exhibition helped promote Bahrain as the cradle of major world civilizations.

On his part, Ambassador Smirnov expressed his country’s interest in strengthening its cooperation ties with the Kingdom, commending H.E Shaikha Mai's support for programmes aiming to promote Bahrain's cultural heritage and within the framework of the Manama as Capital of Arab Culture.

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