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10 September 2012 H.E Minister of Culture highlights Bahrain's cultural experience in Dubai's Cultural and Scientific Association's Forum

Culture Minister, H.E. Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa shared Bahrain’s cultural experience at a seminar in Dubai as part of exchange of knowledge between GCC states.  She spoke about major infrastructure projects coinciding with Manama Capital of Arab Culture 2012 celebrations.  The meeting comes as part of the knowledge exchange between GCC and cultural outreach, whereby the Minister gave a detailed and comprehensive presentation on Bahrain's cultural experience at the "Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association" Centre in the United Arab Emirates.
The presentation highlighted the most important cultural infrastructure projects, which are aimed to   provide the basis for its overall cultural prospective during the year being Manama, Capital of Arab Culture 2012, and the preparations to host Manama as the Capital of Arab Tourism 2013.  H.E shed light on the most prominent components of the Ministry's plan to form a common interactive social infrastructure, saying that "Urban architecture is today our tool to preserve projects and develop them; therefore such projects represent the core of our innovative and creative minds and the platform for developing such projects for the future generations."  H. E added saying" we don't need temporary or consumption cultural projects, but instead, culture has be productive and interactive"        

The Minister also indicated in her presentation her plan related to cultural development in addition to the strategies and various cultural tools that enables culture to create an active social community. Shaikha Mai also reviewed various other projects that are expected to be undertaken during the upcoming year and that would cover various areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain which also includes the National Theatre that would open mid-November. Some of these projects also include developing Bab-Al-Bahrain, the post office, Bahrain hotel and open spaces in the same area. The presentation also covered all other projects being undertaken by the ministry. Indeed, the Minister gave an overview of the programme of Manama, as the Capital of Arab Culture 2012, inaugurating many development and urban projects aimed at anchoring the notion of Arab cultural infrastructure; twelve projects such as the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage, the National Theatre, Al-Khamis Mosque Visitors' Centre, Bani-Jamra Weaving Factory, Tree of Life Visitors' Centre. Other restoration projects include development of Bab-al-Bahrain, the renovation of the Bahrain Hotel, Museum of Al-Sout (traditional style performer). A number of  museum exhibitions were being held in Al-Hidaya al-Khalifia School and Riffa Fort, the purpose of which is reviving the historical relics and highlighting its crucial role in ancient times.  

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