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27 September 2012 Ministry of Culture celebrates World Tourism Day H.E " This an exceptional event for Bahrain to Embrace the World and open doors

The Ministry of Culture is celebrating World Tourism Day, held under the slogan "Tourism Enriches", with a series of activities, events and lectures. In addition, the program of  festivity celebrating Manama as the Capital of Arab Tourism, 2013, will be announced in a press conference on Thursday, 26th, in the presence of many diplomatic personalities, media, culture and tourism sectors tycoons at 18:00.
On this occasion, H.E Culture Minister, Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, said "Since the nomination of Manama as the Capital of Arab Culture, we have realized that we have the necessary requirements and infrastructure needed to be one of the most advanced tourist attraction worldwide. Here we are, loyal tour commitment, and ready to host the Capital of Arab Tourism". H.E added that " we are living an exceptional event today, which confirms the world –renowned ancient civilizations of the Kingdom of Bahrain, its history, culture and its capacity to develop its heritage in a fruitful way for all  humanity". H.E praised the achievements made so far in this regard, pointing to the close relationship between culture and tourism. Indeed, the relationship between culture, heritage, the environment and tourism has received a great amount of attention throughout the world, and that states with major cultural potential can develop a strong tourist sector.

Amid celebrations of  World Tourism Day,  the Ministry of Culture will organize a press conference tomorrow morning, under the theme " Impact of  Hospitality and Tourism on Climate Change ", a lecture by Professor, Zorosta Yourofsky, working at  UN World Tourism Organisation. The lecture will shed light on ways and means of systemic innovative solutions to the implications of tourism on climate change. Different presentations, 3D presentations of real cases and the authentic examination of this relationship will be showcased at the Conference Hall, Bahrain National Museum, on 10:30.
The Ministry of Culture, has indeed, prepared a four-season plan for the next ; each season with different program starting form January-March dealing with cultural tourism theme, the next trimester will be consecrated for sport tourism. From July-September, family leisure and entertainment tourism will be the central theme for this season, and lastly, green tourism theme season will be celebrated with a special focus on environment structure, nature mechanisms and the role it plays in geography and countries' attraction

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