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04 December 2013 Bahrain 40th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition’s Submissions Extended to 15th December
Bahrain 40th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition’s Submissions Extended to 15th December

In continuation of the trajectory of the arts scene in Bahrain, the annual fine arts exhibition continues its conquest of the traditional visual boundaries and transcend limits by mixing colours with thoughts, brushes with love of the open-ended spaces. Held under the patronage of the Prime Minister, HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa since 1972, the 40th annual anniversary of the Fine Arts Exhibition will be held this January 2014.

The 40th Fine Arts Exhibition falls in conjunction with Manama being chosen as the Asian Tourism City 2014; such an event will continue to push the local talents of the country into the forefront and will help integrate residents of the country to learn more about Bahrain’s culture and history. The exhibition philosophy is free of any particular title or artistic direction, artists ‘contributions every year have been encouraged to be as spontaneous and uninhibited as possible in order to allow for a wide-ranging artistic and cultural debate, unconfined by any formal restrictions or boundaries. Full artistic expression is showcased unhindered for local audiences.

Calling all artistic souls, the Ministry of Culture is now accepting digital applications and artwork at the Arts Centre until December 15th 2013.

Tasked with assessing the most notable entries in relation to artistic talent and creativity, a specialised jury committee selects the finest works both in terms of maturity and originality. What originated as an improvisation and an ‘out of place and out of time composition’, the collection of artworks invites the viewer to take part in the world of art. The annual exhibition’s artists involved have always used a number of different mediums from photographs to found objects, charcoal and pencil to digital manipulation, to explore collage and montage techniques used by renowned artists through the centuries – the results of the exploration equate to their own interpretation of senses and feelings. The exhibition presents images of contemporary lifestyle through the prism of nostalgia to a forgotten culture. The viewer is annually left to unfold the layers of originality, where words take new dimensions and memories map new perspectives.

These are the requirements for participation; Applicant must be of Bahraini Nationality, must be 18 years and above, Open themes and open art techniques will be accepted (up to 3 artworks), such as 2 dimensional artworks, sculptures, photography, video, mixed media, Installations can be submitted as well (which if accepted, will need to be realized by January 10th), Artworks should be originals and should not have been shown prior to this exhibition, Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The initial international committee will choose participating artists and has the sole rights to reject or accept artworks. The deadline for accepting the Artwork submissions is Sunday the 15th December 2013 during working hours. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Artists wishing to participate should submit their artwork and digital copy either on a CD or via email of the application form and images of their artworks (clearly labeled). Submission should be handed to the Arts Centre near the Bahrain National Museum from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. during weekdays. For more information, please call 17298900 or 17298744, or email

What was first established in 1972 has now evolved into a popular yearly gathering of artists, from all over the country, all eager to show off their talents and work completed so far throughout their careers . Every year, the fine arts exhibition acts as an innovative form for debate in which the different artistic monologues will have an exclusive opportunity to communicate according to the forms chosen, from calligraphy to surrealism and abstract and modernist representations to more traditional cultural expressions.

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