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10 December 2013 Selling Tickets for Land of Immortality Concert
Selling Tickets for Land of Immortality Concert

The month sees an endless celebration of the rich and colourful heritage that belongs to this ancient land of Dilmun. The sweet-water springs may be the basis for the legend of Gilgamesh; a Sumerian epic of a quest for immortality from the flower of life (pearl) which leads to Dilmun, the “land of two seas”.

The Ministry of Culture delivers a vibrant roster of events celebrating Bahraini culture and heritage. The month sees a number of landmark occasions like the 25th anniversary of the Bahrain National Museum, the country’s 41st National Day and the conclusion of the ‘Manama: Capital of Arab Tourism 2013’ programme. Bahrain’s National Theatre commemorates National Day and the conclusion of the Manama: Capital of Arab Tourism 2013 program with an imaginative artistic production on 19 & 20 December 2013 at 8:00 pm. Inspired by the island’s rich history and Dilmun poetry, The Land of Immortality narrates the story of Khaled and Noora through modern dance and original music.

The organizing Committee has announced that tickets are now sold at the Virgin Megastore in Bahrain’s City Center and online at ( All programmes are held at Qal’at al-Bahrain museum except for the musical, The Land of Immortality, that is staged at the National Theatre. For all Ghada Shbeir's fans in Bahrain. Land of Immortality is a theatrical play including ballet dancing and Ghada Shbeir's oriental performance and improvisation for beautiful poems written for Bahrain by Dr. Hassan Kamal, poet Josiane Saliba ( special poem for Delmon)..

A theatrical journey through Bahrain’s unique cultural history in ‘The Land of Immortality,’ a contemporary production featuring members of Mohammed bin Faris Band and Ghada Shbeir at Bahrain National Theatre. Many legends surround the land – the multitude of ancient burial grounds here gave rise to the title “Land of Immortality,” before modern archaeology explained them as a legacy of Dilmun times; centuries upon centuries of human habitation packed into one compact site.

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