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10 January 2013 Italian Opera at the Bahrain National Theatre
First performed in 1851, the famed Italian opera and tale of love and sacrifice by Guiseppe Verdi, Rigoletto, will be showcased at the Bahrain National Theatre on 19th and 21st January within the Cultural Tourism segment of the year-long programme of the Capital of Arab Tourism 2013. Considered the first of the operatic masterpieces by Verdi during the latter half of his career, this is the first Italian opera to be staged in the newly opened theatre.
Rigoletto is a court jester for the Duke of Mantua and is known for his mockery and unforgiving tongue, a trait which brings him many enemies who seek his downfall. When a curse befalls him, the opera reflects on love and fate.
This version of Verdi’s popular opera is directed by Maria Cristina Mazzavillani, the founder and director of Italy’s Ravenna Festival (which she established in 1990). This summer festival of opera and classical music, dance and exhibitions, is held in the city of Ravenna every year and is designed to raise the profile of music and art within one of Italy’s most distinctive architectural monuments.
Tickets are sold through The Virgin Megastore (special price for students) and online through:
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