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15 January 2013 Under the Patronage of HRH Prime Minister 60 Bahraini Artists to showcase at Bahrain National Theatre

By drawing his audience into an intimate dialogue that goes beyond a casual and fleeting interaction and by employing multiple viewpoints, angles and depths, artists at the 39th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition intricate compositions become a visual experience of a place in-the-round. Layers of subtle line, shape and color meld together to create complex structures that seen together hint to the essence of their inspiration. His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa,  Wednesday at the National Theatre has called for the need to adapt the greater message of art to serve national interests, noting that art is one aspect of social interaction and can have the same effects as those of modern social networks if exploited properly. his came as HRH Premier patronised, in the presence of Culture Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, ministers, MPs, senior officials, diplomatic corps, press, media and business figures, intellectuals and plastic artists, the 39th edition of the Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition, held at the Bahrain International Museum to coincide with the selection of Manama as "Capital of Arab Tourism for the Year 2013."

HRH Premier urged Bahraini artists to take advantage of art to serve the homeland through projecting the reality to the world and rectifying the deliberate distortion campaigns staged against it via their paintings. "We are fully confident that all Bahraini citizens, whatever be their position or profession, will spare no effort to defend their nation and highlight its civilization and progress," he said. The Premier toured pavilions and was briefed by the 60 Bahraini fine artists on their displayed works representing various artistic schools. He admired paintings, sculptures, pottery, photographic artworks, praising the artists' masterpieces, experiences and creative techniques, asserting that this year's edition maintained its glamour and showcased the creativity of Bahraini artists and affirmed the crucial role they play in enlightening their society and serving their nation. HRH said that culture and arts reflected the advancement and progress of nations, adding that development was a comprehensive system that encouraged creativity in all fields, reiterating the government's unlimited support for artists and the artistic movement in the kingdom. Then, HRH Premier wrote a statement in the Exhibition's record in which he expressed pride in attending and opening the 39th Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition, as well as meeting Bahraini artists in order to be informed about the progress of the artistic movement in the country. He also hailed the choice of Manama as Capital of Arab Tourism for the year 2013, commending the efforts of the Culture Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa and all the Ministry's affiliates in preparing for and organizing the event in such a distinguished way. Then, HRH Premier received a commemorative gift from the Culture Minister who extended to him sincere thanks and gratitude for his constant support for all arts, affirming that his annual patronage of the Expo and keenness to attend it in person have it given it further impetus and motivated Bahraini artists to be more creative. She also said that Manama was selected to be the Capital of Arab Terrorism for this year as a result of the kingdom's lively tourism and cultural momenta. It is to be noted that Artists Waheeda Malallah received Al Dana Award, while artists Ali Khamis, Kamel Abdulla, Balqees Fakhro and Fouad Al-Binfalah were granted appreciation ones.

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